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Alastair McLeod

Alastair McLeod

Name: Alastair McLeod.

Regular spot: Phillip Island.

Favourite spot: Secret Island, Gnaraloo, Tasmania, Taranaki.

Weight: 65 kg.

Boards used: JP Radical Thruster Quad.

Sails used: NeilPryde Fly.

Fins used: Quad: Flex rears 13cm, 14cm, 8cm Ezzy 2deg (big waves) or 3deg (small-medium waves), Rockets as twin fin 14.5cm, 15.5cm for onshore.

Tips on fin set up: I like to keep the fin positions nearly the same for down the line conditions and instead tweak fin size and toe in for different styles of waves. More toe in paired with smaller rear finsfor small/slower waves where staying close to the pocket and a vertical approach is important. For waves around mast high and above, less toe in and bigger rears for powerful bottom turns and grip on the open face.

What do K4fins bring to the table for you? 
More grip, flow and a connected feeling to the wave. Less slide, more rail.

Sponsors: NeilPryde, JP-Australia, SHQ Boardsports, K4fins.



Instagram: @wavesnwind


Check out Al taking on one of the worlds craziest and most remote waves in this 24 minute Red Bull documentary…





14th May 2016


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