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K4 Fins price increase June 2021

K4 Fins price increase June 2021

Image: Leon Jamaer by Leif Bischoff.

K4 fins believes in delivering value to windsurfers alongside unrivalled performance in a multitude of windsurfing environments.

We are proud to maintain manufacturing on our home turf and our products always have been, and always will be, made in England. This enables us to keep quality control under close supervision and it helps us to test and deliver new fin ranges to our customers in a speedy fashion with a shorter product development cycle.

As a small business we have managed to keep prices low and consistent over the best part of 10 years. We have not increased the price of our products while our business has been establishing itself and we have been able to innovate and increase our fin range to accommodate multiple product lines without passing on cost increases to the customer in this time.

But the time has now come to increase costs occurred over the last few years due to several factors that have been out of our control that impact on manufacturing. Like many other businesses, we are incurring increased cost and reduced availability of specific materials from overseas, increased shipping costs and customs paperwork due to the UK leaving the EU and electricity, business rents and other standard costs.

By increasing our prices on some fin product lines, we aim to improve supply and stock levels of all fin types so that fins are in stock more readily, maintain stability in the business so that it can weather any future storms and maintain our high quality product by investing in research and development at a level that keeps K4 Fins at the forefront of windsurfing innovation.

We don’t wish to put our prices up yearly, so we expect this will be the only increase for the foreseeable future.

Prices will remain the same on most of the longer standing ranges in the softer material; Flex, Stubby, Rocket, Bubble and blankers.