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Annamaria Zollet

Annamaria Zollet

Name: Annamaria Zollet

Favourite spot: Moulay Bouzerktoun (Morocco) and Hookipa

Regular spot: Recently the north shore of Fuerteventura.

Weight: 55kgs

Board & Sizes used: SailboardsTarifa custom Photon 71lt (220×54) and 66lt (214×53)

Sails used: Hotsails KS3 spider mostly 4.3 and 4.0 and when it’s really windy 3.7/3.4

Fins used: All 4 Ezzy asymmetric 2° angle, 10 in the front and 13 in the back.

Tips on fin set up: Try different fins on the same day with the same board and then try them all again in different conditions.

What do K4fins bring to the table for you? As a lightweight sailor I want to have as less drag as possible so I really like the loose feeling I get with my K4 setup and that I can take the board quickly where I want. The best thing for me was to have fins with angles, I never used to like quads before I tried the Ezzy asymmetric

Sponsors: SailboardsTarifa, Hotsails Maui, Al360, Aenha, Prolimit, K4 Fins.








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