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Pablo Ramírez Bolaños

Pablo Ramírez Bolaños

Name: Pablo Ramírez Bolaños.

Regular spot: Pozo Izquierdo, Gran Canaria.

Favourite spot: Secret spots on GC.

Weight: 68 kgs.

Boards used: Patrik Quad 68, Patrik Trailer Wave 72, Patrik Quad 75

Sails used: Sailloft Hamburg Quad-Curve-Bionic from 3.0m2 to 5.0m2.

Fins used: K4 fins Flex, K4 fins Ezzy, K4 fins Stubby, K4 fins Rocket.

Tips on fin set up: If you are sailing on side-off shore conditions, the K4 Flex fins combined with the K4 Ezzy fins will be a great set up for wave riding. For on-shore conditions the K4 Rocket fins will give you more speed for jumping!

What do K4fins bring to the table for you? I feel very thankful and glad to count with the support of K4fins! 🙂 I have found the perfect grip and speed for my boards on them, and the high different range of the K4fins allows me to choose the best combination for any conditions: from side-off shore down the line conditions to dead-onshore jumping days! 🙂

Sponsors: Sailloft Hamburg, Patrik Diethelm, K4fins, Tatami 211


Twitter: @pabloe244

Instagram: @pablogc244




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