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K4 Fins / Standard K4 Harness Mount
West Kirby run
West Kirby run

Standard K4 Harness Mount


The K4 Harness Mount for the ultimate GoPro camera angle.

PLEASE NOTE, It may take a couple of weeks to ship mount orders.

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The K4 Harness Mount for the ultimate GoPro camera angle.

£85.00 for the standard mount (85cm carbon tube) ready to ‘clip’ the camera straight on for normal filming.
£95.00 for the standard mount (85cm carbon tube) with ‘360 camera attachment’ to ‘magically remove’ the pole.

Note that there is no 20% (VAT) off on harness mount items and you will have to pay import tax thanks to Brexit outside the UK.

NB: The ‘clip-on’ camera attachment is for use with normal Gopro type cameras and flat filming. (such as a Gopro Hero)
The ‘360’ camera attachment is for use with 360 cameras and full 360 filming to ‘magically remove’ the pole (Gopro Max, Insta360, Rylo360). We’ve CNC machined the 360 attachments from solid nylon bar for extra strength.
I’ll add some pictures later.

Super lightweight construction (250grams standard mount), salt water corrosion resistant (A4 stainless steel fittings), easy carbon rod detachment for travelling (stick the carbon rod inside your mast) = epic shots!

Tested in BIG surf and at over 45 knots!

Our carbon tubes are now made especially for us by a UK fishing rod company and are double wall thickness so they’re pretty much bomb proof!

Additional information


Standard 85cm, Extended 130cm

Camera attachment

Clip, 360


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