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K4fin US bolt/plate

K4fin US bolt/plate

We had a think about how we could improve the humble US fin bolt, both in terms of performance and cost, and this is what we came up with..

The screws are A4 stainless steal, the plates are a brass insert moulded into tough Nylon. They are HALF the weight of the existing ones, which may not sound a lot but is a 20g saving in a quad. Add this to a set of K4 quad fins and there’s a saving of 0.2kg over a standard g10 set up -not insubstantial for the fins alone!
Strength wise these are more than sufficient. A vice/lump hammer test showed the first failure was to shear the lugs off the back of the fin(!). Eventually with a good swing of the hammer the plate shattered destroying the brass insert along with it, but this was at a far greater load than you’d want to subject your board too even if you were hitting rocks.

I think we have a winner with these, and will be supplying them free of charge with our fins from now on.