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Alex Mussolini

Alex Mussolini

Name: Alex Mussolini

Favourite spot: Any spot which has down the line conditions, or just a place were I can have fun!

Regular spot: El Medano, Tenerife.

Weight: 73kgs

Board & Sizes used: My most used board is a 74ltr and 78, but when it gets super windy I use a 70ltr

Sails used: My favorite sail is the Vogue HD 4.5, thats my magic sail.

Fins used: Most used fins are from 16cms on the center fins (I use Thrusters) to 14. For the side fins I use from 12cms to 10cms. I use the new Scorcher rear fins matched with Shark II fronts.

Tips on fin set up: It all depends on what is the general feeling, if you move the fins forward you will feel like the board gets really loose, if the fins go back, the board becomes more stable.

What do K4fins bring to the table for you? The opportunity to develop and use a product which everyone can get, cheap and high performance is always good! Not only that we have an amazing product, its no wonder that more and more PWA riders are using them as their number 1 option!


Facebook: Alex Mussolini (Athlete page)

Instagram: alexmusso30




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