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Cape Verde fin choices.

Cape Verde fin choices.

Congrats to all our team riders on a great showing in Cape Verde!
Below they share some fin set up info to help you choose the best fins for those epic down the line days.
Portrait images by Matt Tuck, thank you!

Takara Ishii

“For the rear I prefer Scorcher 16. This is my favorite fin, I use on every conditions. For the front I prefer Asymmetric Graham Ezzy Model 1° 10cm. Specially in the waves like Cabo Verde Iove thess fins. When I do a bottom turn, it turns so smooth and fast. When I turn on the lip, I can turn very quick!!!”

Titouan Flechet

“I’m using my 76L with the Scorcher in 16 and the A.I. in 11… I take the scorcher for Ponta Preta because I didn’t want to have spinout in this spot so I prefer to have more grip. After I had chose the ASYMMETRICS one because for surfing I think they are the best!”

Miguel Chapuis

“I’m using 11 asymmetrics with 1° and 14’5 at the back”

Graham Ezzy

“I used the Ezzy 10’s with 2 degrees of toe-in on the sides and a 18cm Scorcher in the rear. This is my go-to setup on all my boards and for all conditions.   I love the grip and drive that the Ezzy fins provide. I feel a huge difference between the Ezzy’s and any other side fin. They just make it easier to initiate–and most importantly–hold the carve. ”   

Thomas Traversa

“So , I use the 15 Scorcher and 10 Incinerator 1 degree asymmetrical fronts. This is the set up I use most of the time, in most spots.  In strong winds or bigger waves I use 16, but for smaller DTL wave riding I like to use smaller centre fin to have the board feeling a bit looser.  Also I like the scorcher because it’s good for going upwind and has good grip.”