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Titouan Flechet

Titouan Flechet

Name : Titouan Flechet

Favourite spot : Moulay Bouzerktoun

Regular spot : L’ile aux vâches

Weight : 68 kgs

Board & sizes used : Tabou Dacurve 67 to 82 ltr / Tabou DaBomb 77 ltr

Sails used : Hotsails maui KS3 3.1 to 4.6

Fins used : Thruster set up always. In jump conditions I usually use the 16 scorcher and 10 or 11 incinerators in front. In surf conditions, I prefer the incinerator in 15-17 and the asymmetric ones.

Tips on fin set up : Adapt the fins with the conditions but don’t change the front fins sizes a lot

What do K4 fins bring to the table for you? Theses fins make me feel more comfortable in all the situations, they give me a lot of grips for my turn or to take speed for jumping

Sponsors : La compagnie du lit, Hotsailsmaui, Tabou, Prolimit, Cap 6-1, K4 fins, Julbo eyewear, Rad Equipement, Mochita print, Sorad le mag

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