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Steffi Wahl

Steffi Wahl

Name: Steffi Wahl

Favourite spot: Weissenhaus

Regular spot: Baltic Sea – Germany & Denmark

Weight: 63kgs.

Board & Sizes used: Windflüchter Q-Wave 78 l

Sails used: Sailloft Quad 3.3 – 4.8

Fins used: Mostly Leon Dynamic Flex 14 and Shark 8

Tips on fin set up: Try different models & sizes. It´s a bit of a must do, but if you do it you really feel the difference.

What do K4fins bring to the table for you? I like the softness of my K4 fins, I have a lot more response with the fins and know exactly how they behave in which second of the turn. They are very reliable.

Sponsors: Windflüchter, Sailloft, Xcel, K4fins





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