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Lucas Meldrum

Lucas Meldrum

Name: Lucas Meldrum

Favourite spot: El Cabezo

Regular spot: Gwithian

Weight: 70kgs

Board & Sizes used: 69L Duotone Grip 4, 79L Duotone Grip 3

Sails used: 3.4 to 4.7 Duotone Super Heros

Fins used: Scorchers, Ezzy Asymmetrics, Asymmetric Incinerators

Tips on fin set up: My tip would be to start by putting the fins in the middle and start playing from there. I tend to put my fin cluster fairly close together (1 to 2 fingers apart) on both quads and thrusters. I feel this gives me a great combination of looseness and grip. I use 17s and 10s on my 78L thruster and 14s and 9s on my 68L quad board. Have fun playing, it can make all the difference!

What do K4fins bring to the table for you? The countless fin options mean I can pick the right fins that complement my riding style. Whatever board or brand K4s transform your boards into shredding machines.

Sponsors: Duotone, K4 Fins, ION, Lagoon Watersports








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