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A.I. Fins have landed

A.I. Fins have landed

More power, more drive, more speed, less drag. Our Asymmetric Incinerator front wave fins make the Incinerator fin range the full inferno for your board!

You’ll be conducting the current through waves with higher speeds and easier direction changes with minimum drag because these fins have an efficient narrow template and foil and are made from our super stiff material which feels solid under your feet with enough flex for looseness and bite through the turns – a real combustion of the material alongside our expert and high performance fin design.

When you use the A.I.s with your Incinerator rears you’ll find control with tight turns that work in all wave conditions. The A.I. fin has a similar template to the Incinerator front but with a slightly wider chord. It has a 30/70 asymmetric foil optimised for quad setups, but has also been found to work exceptionally well in thrusters.

Available in Sizes 8,9,10 & 11cmFronts: MT, US and SB (Slotbox/Starbox) heads. 1º and 2º options.