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Fin testing!

We've been asking ourselves for a while, what are the real differences between quad, thruster, twin and single fin set ups on our wave-boards? Is there really much difference in speed? upwind? early planing? carves? And this whole toe in business, is it going to slow...

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Well done Jim

[gallery link="file"] Big congrats to Jim Crossley on nailing his 45knot average and firing himself into 6th place for the 2012 GPS-SPEEDSURFING.COM rankings. Jim was using a Moo custom and K4Moo carbon 20 fin. That means we now have two riders in the top 6! Jim.. "The fin...

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Worlds fastest fin!

Well, kind of. We've actually set the fastest 2 second time on a gps. Of course, officially the fastest is over 500m or over 10 seconds in the gps world. But fastest ever peak has to be the best for bragging rights in the pub....

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