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Miguel Chapius

Miguel Chapius

Name: Miguel Chapius

Favourite spot: Étang Salé on Reunion Island

Regular spot: Tarifa

Weight: 73kgs

Board & Sizes used: 75 and 83 ltr JP Ultimate Wave, and 83 and 89 ltr Magic Wave.

Sails used: My favourite sails are with less wind 4.5 combat and strong wind I love being on 3.3

Fins used: Most used fins for me are, for the back Incinerators for side/side off and Rockets for more side on conditions, both 14.5cm. At the front I use 10 and 11cm Asymmetrical Incinerators with 1º.

What do K4fins bring to the table for you? Having a lot of different feelings depending on the tuning and the fins used, so you can perform in every condition. Also a lot of confidence to push more in my turns.
Sponsors: Neilpryde, JP Australia, Mystic, OZU Tarifa, K4 Fins, Tarifa Centro Médico


Instagram:  @miguelitochapuis






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