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Fin testing!

We've been asking ourselves for a while, what are the real differences between quad, thruster, twin and single fin set ups on our wave-boards? Is there really much difference in speed? upwind? early planing? carves? And this whole toe in business, is it going to slow...

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Rocket man

Rocket man – K4fins 16.5cm Rockets review

  [caption id="attachment_1600" align="alignnone" width="450"] Rockets[/caption] One of the newest lines of fin from K4 are the Rockets. Looking like the sleek and svelte wings you’d find on an American muscle car these babies are ready to blast you to the moon. With the brand’s distinct banana yellow colourway, agreeable price point and...

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Worlds fastest fin!

Well, kind of. We've actually set the fastest 2 second time on a gps. Of course, officially the fastest is over 500m or over 10 seconds in the gps world. But fastest ever peak has to be the best for bragging rights in the pub....

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K4fin does 50knots!!

We've just had an epic day at West Kirby which finished up with 60knot gusts and a very broad course. It was death on a stick! -A maxed out slingshot straight into death chop! I managed to take the K4/Moo fin to 50knots, if only...

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SUP Race fin

[gallery columns="2" link="file" ids="1822,1821,1820,1819"]   Our swept back SUP race fin. 45 degree rake so you don't have to worry about weed or debris. Foil optimised for paddling speeds, but taking many pointers from our speed windsurfing fins. In fact I stuck this yellow fin in my windsurf and...

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