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Toe angle calculator

Please enter the following lengths to calculate your toe-in angle (cm):

(A) inner width between top of fin boxes
(B) inner width between bottom of fin boxes
(H) height of fin box along outer edge
Your toe-in is: °

If you calculate your toe in angle correctly then your performance can be enhanced with the correct Ezzy asymmetric fin.
In our experience front symmetric fins work best with 1-1.5º of toe. Asymmetric fins work best with 2.5-3.5º of toe. Use the lower end of the angle range for quads.

Toe in helps for several reasons;
To align the fins with the water flow under your board (which is not parallel to the centre line at the rails).

To help the board turn without ‘tracking’.

In the case of the asymmetric fins, to help them run ‘neutral’ and without creating opposing lift and unnecessary drag in a straight line.

More information on toe-in angles is available in our DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO TOE-IN and  TUNING GUIDE.