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Dugongs eat weed.

Dugongs eat weed.

We’re super happy to announce the arrival of our latest windsurf weed fins just in time for the summer weed season!

K4 Fins’ Dugong weed fin is designed to cut through seaweed undergrowth in shallow sea water enabling an unrestricted and faster ride.

Our latest addition to the K4 family is made from K4’s Super Stiff material which means that your fins won’t endure loss of stability through weed areas nor suffer drag from contact with the weed.

Rip, slash and eat weed with K4’s Dugong Weed Fin

Our shallow water-friendly, weed-eating Dugongs are the answer to the challenge of coastal and inland water performance issues caused by plant-based marine nutrition.

We took the successful Rocket template as our starting point and looked to use over 38º rake whilst still maintaining performance. Our gut feeling was that the super stiff material would work exceptionally well for the weed fin, giving just enough flex to slip through the water with minimum drag but also enough stiffness to be direct and lively underfoot despite the reduced lift.

We developed the prototypes with the help of Steffi Wahl and her friends who sail in the Baltic sea and success came pretty easily!

“My board turns perfectly with the twinzer setup and I have the feeling that they are faster than the ******* ones. I made test runs and compared the ******** and the K4 fins and they consistently gave the same impression: Weed is non-existent to the fins and the board feels way faster, more reactive with the yellow ones. Pretty good!!!!

Steffi Wahl

You can be happy you’ll maintain your performance in these tricky conditions. They will chomp their way through your carving turns, avoid you suffering the frustration of delayed planing and missed launches off waves whilst offering you the advantage of optimising turns on smooth water areas in the shallows for more successful freestyle performance.

The dugong is threatened with extinction

Save the Dugongs

How you will help us to help Dugongs

Dugongs have suffered a 20% global decline over the last century. They have a long life span and low reproduction rates meaning that they have a long generation time.

K4 Fins aim to help these shallow water loving, weed-eating friendly sea friends by giving a donation to help conservation efforts globally and by helping to raise awareness of the plight of them at the hands of human activity.

3% from all K4’s Dugong sales will go to Dugong Conservation charity Sirenian International. In the wild, Dugongs are facing extinction from destruction of their seagrass habitats, boat strikes, pollution, hunting and marine captivity. Our chosen charity are helping to save dugongs through research, education, and inter-cultural collaboration. 

Dugong art

We would like to thank Steffi and Frithjof (otherwise known as Bulgenslag) for the Dugong idea and the logo concept to honour these beautiful sea creatures. Final artwork and graphics were supplied by Trudie @ Supernature Marketing

Want to help more? Find out more about Dugongs

You can find out more about the problems caused by humans here:

Join the campaign to Save the Dugong: Write to the Australian Government to ask them to take action and ban hunting in Australia:

Find out more about Dugongs and how their numbers are plummeting, learn about how Dugongs are an essential part of the ecosystem and how they help to protect coastlines here – Natural History Museum

Find out about global conservation projects to help save the Dugong through the Dugong & Seagrass Conservation Project