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Size guide

We’ve compiled the tables below to help you choose the right fins for your board.

We have also compiled a FIN SPECIFICATION GUIDE, WAVE FIN GUIDE and TUNING GUIDE  to help you pick the best windsurf fins.

FANG freeride fin sizes at a glance.

7.5-8.5 110-145 38-40
7.0-8.0 105-130 36-38
6.5-7.5 100-120 34-38
6.0-7.0 100-115 34-36
5.5-6.5 95-110 32-34
5.0-6.0 90-105 30-32

3SW freestyle-wave fin sizes at a glance.

6.5-7.5 115-135 30-32
6.0-7.0 105-125 28-30
5.5-6.5 95-115 26-28
5.0-6.0 85-105 24-26
4.7-5.7 75-95 22-24
4.5-5.5 65-85 20-22

Wave fin sizes at a glance for a 75Kg (165lb / 12stone) wavesailor on an 85ltr board (Not Stubby, maybe add 1-2cm to the rear for wide tails), then a 75ltr board for below 5.0

5.7 17 12f 17/19r 10f 15r, 8f 16r
5.3 16 12f 16/18r 10f 14r, 8f 15r
5.0 16 12f 16r, 10f 16/17r 10f 14r,8f 15r
4.7 16 12f 15r, 10f 16/17r 8f 15r
4.2 15 10f 15/16r 8f 14r
3.7 14 10f 14/15r 8f 13r

Wave fin sizes at a glance for a 100Kg (220lb / 16stone) wavesailor on a 115ltr board, then a 95ltr board for below 5.0

6.2 20-22 12f 20/22r 12f 18r
5.7 18-20 12f 18/22r 12f 18r, 10f 19r
5.3 18-19 12f 18/20r 12f 16r,10f 17r
5.0 17 12f 18r, 10f 18/19r 10f 16r
4.7 17 10f 17/18r 10f 15r
4.2 16 10f 16/17r 10f 14r

These sizes will be similar to those you would choose in g10.

Some brands use total area for sizing which would be as follows: 200 (13/8 cm), 250 (14/8 cm), 300 (15/9 cm),  350 (16/9 cm), 400 (16/10 cm). You can find our fin areas in FIN SPECIFICATIONS.

Please note that wider boards and/or heavier/taller and/or less skilled riders will require longer fins than those shown in the table and vice versa.

In really choppy conditions, you may also choose deeper fins to give the board more hold.

Fitting bigger fronts to your thruster or quad may make your board feel more planted and give more drive, but may also reduce the boards top end speed. It’s often better to downsize the fronts when it gets windier and you’re more powered up, as this will give less drag, more acceleration and make the sail feel less powered up and the gear more reactive to gusts giving the rider an easier time.

Reducing the size of the rears to below recommended will of course let the back release and slide out more easily, often desired for onshore conditions.

If going for a very ‘even’ thruster set up, we would recommend using symmetrical fronts rather than the Ezzy. If going for 12 fronts and 14 rear, for example, we would recommend Stubbies all round.

Please read the TUNING SECTION for a more indepth analysis on fin choice and a greater selection of fin options.

Use our WINDSURF FIN GUIDE and FIN SPECIFICATION GUIDE to help you pick the right windsurf fins.