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What fins does the British Champ use?

Lucas competing

What fins does the British Champ use?

Hi Lucas, could you do a quick run down of what you’ve been using in your boards?

I’ve been using Scorchers, Ezzy’s, and A.I’s

And maybe what new boards you have and what’s in them?

Duotone Grip 3
Duotone Grip 3 fins

I’ve got just 2 boards at the moment this year. Duotone Grip 4 69L and Grip 3 79L. They pretty much cover me for anything I need in the UK. For the quad set up I have 14 Scorchers and 8 Ezzy’s. Pretty much always leave these in. I tried with other set ups and sizes but this seems to be the best for me. I push and use the rail a lot on the bottom turn so I feel smaller fronts help to not catch the rail. I have full confidence in bottom to top turn and this set up gives me the ultimate control which is what I want when I use this board – usually in full-on conditions.

For the 79 thruster I’ve got scorcher 17 and AI 10s in the fronts. Funny enough I put 9s in the front by accident the first time I took it out and it was horrible, spinning out and felt weird. Put the 10s in and worked amazing straight away, showing how fin size can make such a difference. They offer great speed for onshore lighter winds with a bit more exciting, splashy, tail throw turns.

Lucas in Tiree

What are your plans and goals are for next year?

Well I would like to do at least 3 world tour stops if I have the cash. Japan, Pozo, Sylt most likely. Not dream locations but I’d love to explore these new places and cultures. Aside from that hopefully make some sort of video trip somewhere new and I’m just generally excited to do a bit more traveling around the UK as we really do have some cool locations. It’s a bit of a transition period for me so just exploring my windsurf and career options.

Thanks Lucas, Good luck for 2024!

Lucas Winning the British Title in Tiree