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Pt 2. Measuring toe in

Pt 2. Measuring toe in

Measuring your boards front box ‘toe in’ is actually fairly easy. The best way is to measure to the ‘edge of the fin heads’ as shown in the pictures below, this removes any imperfections in the box shape.

Click on the pics and you’ll see them full size. In the first we’re measuring the span between the front end of the boxes, and in the second the rear ends. The measurements are 257mm and 259mm. Therefore the difference in span is 2mm. You can now look directly at the table shown HERE to get a close estimate of toe in. Here it is again…


DIFF 1.75, TOE 0.5

DIFF 3.5, TOE 1.0

DIFF 5.25, TOE 1.5

DIFF 7.0, TOE 2.0

Those figures are for a 10cm length of box. In the example shown with the MT boxes they are only 9cm long, so we need to add a little to account for that, and bring our difference up to 2.2mm
We can instantly see that we have between 0.5 and 1 degree of toe. With some interpolation we can see the actual toe in is just over 0.6 degrees.
For the board shown that would mean our 2 degree Ezzy fins would be most suitable, and give us 2.6 degrees toe on our asymmetric Ezzy fins.

If you want to be a fancy pants, you could always use vernier callipers to measure the boxes. We’ve done just that and some findings will follow in part 3.