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Grahams K4fins set up insights – PWA Maui – 2014

Grahams K4fins set up insights – PWA Maui – 2014



My flexible K4 fins give me a massive advantage over most of the other riders who use stiff G10 fins. You can see it in my carves– I can keep speed as I redirect. 

Before the event, I played with a lot of different setups on my boards, which are all tri-fins. I tried using all 12cm Carves. This made my boards super loose but without enough drive. After, messing around with dozens of different options in my boards (of which I had 5 setup for the contest), I settled on a classic 2+1 setup: 10cm side fins and 16cm back fin.

I use the Flex 16cm for the rear and it gives me the confidence to put all my strength onto the rail. The fin is deep enough that I don’t have to worry about spinning out. And no matter how hard I push, the fin bends rather than cavitates. In the Aloha, I was able to keep the board going rail to rail better than a lot of other competitors (I racked up 8 point scores with just rail turns), and my fins make this possible.

On the side fins, I use either the 10cm Stubby’s or the 10cm Ezzy Assy with 2 degrees of tow-in. I ride the stubby’s when I want to do more slidy tricks and the Ezzys when I’m looking for more carves. The Ezzy’s have a ton of drive and acceleration in the turns– which is amazing. And the stubby’s don’t track as well in the water but that makes them easier to release in the tricks like the taka.’