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How fast can a composite plastic SUP race fin go..

Marcia York

How fast can a composite plastic SUP race fin go..


We’ve been busy designing a SUP race fin. We moulded the first offs last week and I was pretty chuffed with the results -it looked fast! I started to wonder just how fast it could go…
So I decided to try it in my speed board. Jon Kennet from MOO CUSTOM kindly sent me a Tuttle head to resin on, and it was good to go.

As luck would have it we had a windy day at West Kirby on Sunday (see top pic by Marcia York). It wasn’t all time fast conditions, with fairly light winds for speed and a broad course with rolling chop, but it was a lot of fun and fast enough to put the fantastic plastic through it’s paces!-It was rock solid.

So just how FAST did it go?!

A peak of 42knots (48mph or 77kmh) on the GPS and a 500m time of just under 40 -the fastest 500m of the day!


That must be a record for a plastic fin, and it wasn’t optimised for speedsailing by any means, it’s our SUP weed race fin…

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Now available in 21 and 24cm in the SUP shop.