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K4fins Ireland storm chase


K4fins Ireland storm chase


We’re lucky to have an amazing team of global riders on k4fins, and it’s no different back home. Late last week I had a message from the two most promising up and coming talents in British wavesailing -K4fins team riders Aleksy Gayda and Jony Price. When there’s a crazy forecast looming these two are the keenest to jump in the van or onto the ferry and go score it!


With Jony now living back in Ireland, Leky and myself were able to get over on the ferry as foot passengers. It’s much cheaper this way but does mean taking the minimum of gear and clothing -not ideal when it’s 5 degrees and snowing, and 10knots to almost 50!.

We checked a lot of coast on Saturday morning, but there was only one spot clean enough to work in the WNW wind we had. It was extremely light wind but almost mast high. Check the pics of Aleksy Gayda..

Aleksy Gayda

A nice warm up (more like cool down!) for the main event on Sunday.

Big Sunday!

We had grand ideas of scoring this little spot near Mullaghmore again, but unfortunately it proved to be too onshore this time. Last time we went it was perfect mast and a half barrels but no camera man..


So we headed up to the NW.
It was howling. It was raining. It was way over mast high. It was closing out on the inside. It was freezing! There were to be a lot of big swims with claw hands!

It wasn’t easy to get pictures -big thanks to Jony for persevering!

We also caught up with K4fins Irish team rider Oisin van Gelderen who stopped by for a quick wave sail between epic speed sessions! It was windy!

The toughest conditions we’ve sailed in for a long time! Full power 3.7, mogul like 3 foot chop on 2o foot faces, too much wind to sheet in at times and numb fingers. A good test for the fins! Ireland has everything!

A great weekend, we can’t wait for the next one.