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Material Innovation

Fang head

Material Innovation

K4 Fins is leading yet another innovation in the windsurfing market through the release of our new Super Stiff material for three new fin ranges.

Available for 2016’s 3SW, Fang, Leon and front Stubby/Shark windsurf fins, we have developed an alternative to our original flex material that gives the stiffness of a G10 but with faster reflex and better memory for speed and acceleration. Making this material the perfect fit for the all-rounders; Leon for waves, 3SW’s wave, freestyle or bump and jump capabilities or for free ride windsurfing with the Fang.

We spent years testing the highest grade materials and fine tuning our moulding process to find a material we were happy to bring into our range alongside K4’s distinctive original Dynamic Flex material. We’re excited that we can assure the best strength, finish and, most importantly, performance of the Super Stiff fins.

K4′s engineering expertise, decades of windsurfing experience, wealth of knowledge about fins for windsurfing and surfing have all contributed to our ability to develop this unique range of fins.

We have worked in collaboration with the Official Test Centre (otc-windsurf) in Weymouth to make sure that the ride was true to K4 and delivered the same exceptional results that all our customers love and with our super stiff material we’ve found it.

If you want the Super Stiff fins, look for the red logo but if your riding style is more ripper, K4’s classic Dynamic Flex material with the black logo gives flex that works with the power you’re putting in allowing you to drive hard and fast and gives you the projection to power through to the lip at full velocity.

K4 delivers high end performance from our wealth of experience but is able to pass it on to you at a competitive price whilst being made with precision entirely in the UK. We’re offering groundbreaking innovation that you won’t find with any other fin brand.