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Introducing the 3SW Freestyle-wave fin…

K4 Fins 3SW freestyle wave fin power

Introducing the 3SW Freestyle-wave fin…

3SW head
Our new Freestyle-wave fin, the 3SW -an all round fin for 3 styles of sailing; Bump and jump, freestyle and wave. We designed this range to give you great top speed and acceleration with our new ‘super stiff’ material but also provide performance around the corners to embarrass most wave fins.
To be honest we didn’t spend much time developing this fin, we seemed to nail it pretty much at the first attempt, we couldn’t think of any way we could improve it. So the early feedback has really made us smile and we couldn’t not share it..
3SW in Portugal
From Kasper at Kavanu Surf our distributor in Portugal, home to some of Europe’s best waves:
“Angulo Triumph pure wave 89ltr, Side off, Down the line, Waves 1,5- 2 meter swell, K4 Fins Wave 22cm.
Very quick into planing. Upwind great. Fast. Making the board more responsive going from rail to rail.
Redirect the board better. Excels in the bottom turn. Making it easier and you can go harder.
Excellent in the top turn! Like a multi fin but with single fin power and spray.
You can hit the wave where you want to hit.
Felt very secure.
This fin made my board even better!
3SW and Angulo

From Rupert in Cornwall…

“I used a FSW 22cm in my old school freestyle board with a 5.8 last weekend.  I accelerated off the beach like a rocket, felt like a slalom fin compared to my xxxxxx 22cm and I was worried that it was not what I wanted… but felt really nice in the turns, and when I picked up one of the knee high waves was stoked to find how well it turned.  Well done Steve, it is a winner.  Could do with a 24cm version to go with my 6.2 for bump and jump.  These fins should sell like hot cakes, for bump and jump, and some onshore riding I don’t think that there is anything around that comes close.”

From Peter Hart

“The cross-over fins arrived thanks v much and I used the 28 straight away at Weymouth yesterday with 103 fsw and 6.0. The sail was bagged out because it was quite gusty but I hardly ever lost the tail – and yet when doing old skool carves felt as loose as a wave fin – very impressive. ” Peter.

It seems we have produced another winning fin design! I believe a lot of this is down to our ‘super stiff’ material which really does seem to be something special for ‘all round’ performance windsurfing fins.

More details on the 3SW and the option to purchase in the K4 Fins shop.