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Emilio Galindo Barquín

Emilio Galindo Barquín

Name: Emilio Galindo Barquín.

Favourite spot: Hookipa, Alibaba, Caños

Regular spot: Sancti-Petri (Cádiz).

Weight: 75kg.

Board & Sizes used: Fanatic Grip TE 76, 81, 93 / Fanatic Skate TE 91

Sails used: Duotone Super_Hero 3.4, 3.7, 4.2 / Super_Hero SLS 4.7, 5.0 / Idol LTD 4.0, 4.4, 4.8

Fins used: Quad setups; Fronts from 7 to 10cm Ezzy asys and Scorchers, Rears from 14 to 16cm Flex and Scorchers. For freestyle I’m in love with the ZBD, I use it in 19 and 20cm.

Tips on fin set up: Playing with them as much as possible! For pure waveriding conditions I like to ride an asymmetric configuration, front fin bottom turn rail fin goes a 1cm to the front compared with the top turn rail fin. Ah, and don’t forget to move your freestyle fin to the rear of your board if you use US-box!

What do K4fins bring to the table for you? My quad waveboard feels now like a surfboard!! Everything It’s done with flow and style. Throw your weight to the front, and the board draws a nice bottom turn without pushing hard back on the feet.

Sponsors: Fanatic, Duotone, ION, K4 Fins






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