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Tobias Bjørnaa

Name: Tobias Bjørnaa (14 soon to be 15!) Favourite spot: Either Pozo , El medano our Hanstholm. Regular spot: Cold Hawaii coastline. Weight: 70kgsBoard & Sizes used: Fanatic Grip 69 and 76LSails used: The Duotone Super hero from 3,0 - 5,0. Fins used: I use the Scorcher 14...

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Lucas Meldrum

Name: Lucas Meldrum Favourite spot: El Cabezo Regular spot: Gwithian Weight: 70kgs Board & Sizes used: 69L Duotone Grip 4, 79L Duotone Grip 3 Sails used: 3.4 to 4.7 Duotone Super Heros Fins used: Scorchers, Ezzy Asymmetrics, Asymmetric Incinerators Tips on fin set up: My tip would be to start by putting...

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