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Hayata Ishii

Name: Hayata Ishii Favourite spot: Cabo Verde I’ve never been there but I’ll definitely love it! Regular spot: Japan Omaezaki. Weight: 55kgs.Board & Sizes used: RRD Wave Cult 60L custom.Sails used: RRD Vogue HD 4.0 4.2 Fins used: Thrusters Scorcher 16cm for center Shark II fronts 10cm for side fins. Tips...

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Takara Ishii

Takara Ishii

Name : Takara Ishii. (石井孝良) Favourite spots : Maui, Omaezaki. Regular spot : Omaezkai, Shirahama Izu. (御前崎、白浜 伊豆) Weight : 60KG Board & Sizes used : RRD WAVE CULT 65L Sails used : RRD VOGUE 3.7 Fins used : Scorcher 16 for Rear , 10 A.I. or Shark2 front. I love thruster. (Scorcherの16cmをセンター、10cm のA.I かShark2 をサイド、スラスターが好き) Tips on...

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Alex getting loose

Alex Mussolini

Name: Alex Mussolini Favourite spot: Any spot which has down the line conditions, or just a place were I can have fun! Regular spot: El Medano, Tenerife. Weight: 73kgs Board & Sizes used: My most used board is a 74ltr and 78, but when it gets super windy I...

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