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K4 Fins / Asymmetric Incinerator

Asymmetric Incinerator


The Asymmetric Incinerator front fins! More power, more drive, more speed, less drag. These are something special!

Made from our ‘super stiff’ material the A.I’s are much like the rest of the Incinerator range – slim, high aspect and fast.

The A.I. fin has a similar template to the Incinerator front but with a slightly wider chord. It has a 30/70 asymmetric foil optimised for quad set ups, but has also been found to work exceptionally well in thrusters.

Choose the degree depending on your boards box angles. Use the toe in calculator to find your boards box angle:
Note that quads require less toe in than a thruster to help alignment with the rears.

Toe In Calculator

Then select the correct degree A.I. with help from the tuning guide

For more info on toe-in check out our definitive guide

All A.I. fins are sold as pairs for £39.90




The A.I. – Asymmetric Incinerator quad front fins!

More power, more drive, more speed, less drag. An asymmetric ‘toed in’ fin in the ‘super stiff’ material.


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