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K4 Fins / Ezzy Asymmetric 7cm Shark
K4 Fins Shark asymmetric 7cm.Shark asymmetric 7cm slot head
K4 Fins Shark asymmetric 7cm.
Shark asymmetric 7cm slot head

Ezzy Asymmetric 7cm Shark


The Ezzy Asymmetric fin! More power, more drive, more speed, less drag.

This fin was a personal indulgence – I wanted a small but powerful front fin for my quad to make it as fast and ‘twin like’ as possible, but with the extra grip, drive and hold on the rail a quad front fin brings.

Choose the degree depending on your boards box angles. Use the toe in calculator to find your board’s box angle:

Toe Angle Calculator

Then select the correct degree Ezzy with help from the tuning guide:

Fin Tuning Guide

All Ezzy fins are sold as pairs for £29.95

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The 7cm Ezzy Asymmetric fin! More power, more drive, more speed, less drag.




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