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K4 Fins / US screw and plate
US nut and boltUS plate and screw
US nut and bolt
US plate and screw

US screw and plate


Note: All K4 Fins US fins come complete with a US ‘screw and plate’.

The screws are A4 stainless steel, the plates are a brass insert moulded into tough nylon. They are HALF the weight of the existing brass plate ones, which may not sound a lot but is a 20g saving in a quad. Add this to a set of K4 quad fins and there’s a saving of 0.2kg over a standard G10 set up – not insubstantial for the fins alone!

Strength-wise these are more than sufficient. A vice/lump hammer test showed the first failure was to shear the lugs off the back of the fin(!). Eventually with a good swing of the hammer the plate shattered destroying the brass insert along with it, but this was at a far greater load than you’d want to subject your board to even if you were hitting rocks.

I think we have a winner with these, and will be supplying them free of charge with our fins from now on.


US screw and plate.

NOTE: Please make sure these are used the correct way up, as shown in the pictures. 🙂

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