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Tobias Bjørnaa

Name: Tobias Bjørnaa (14 soon to be 15!) Favourite spot: Either Pozo , El medano our Hanstholm. Regular spot: Cold Hawaii coastline. Weight: 60kgsBoard & Sizes used: Fanatic Grip xs 60LSails used: The Super hero from 3,0 - 4,5. Fins used: I use the Scorcher 14 in the...

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Alex grand-guillot tile

Alex Grand-Guillot

Name: Alex Grand-Guillot Regular spot: Siouville, my home spot in France. Weight: 63kg. Board & Sizes used: My favourite 68l Fanatic GRIP Quad. Sails used: North-Sails HERO. Fins used: For my quad Grip, 14 Scorchers & 8 or 9 SharkII. Tips on fin set up: It is important to try several...

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Mads Bjørnå Nielsen

Name: Mads Bjørnå Nielsen Favourite spot: Klitmøller Regular spot: Hanstolm Weight: 80Kg Board & Sizes used: Fanatic Triwave 99L, 82L, 74L Sails used: Simmer Black tip 5.3-5.0-4.7-4.5-4.2-4.0-3.7 Fins used: Stubby,Flex, Carve, Ezzy Asymmetric Tips on fin set up: Try out plenty, and find the right combination for every type of conditions. What do K4fins bring to the table for you? The right fin for...

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Emilio Galindo

Emilio Galindo Barquín

Name: Emilio Galindo Barquín. Favourite spot: Hookipa, Hawaii. Regular spot: Sancti-Petri (Cádiz). Weight: 72kg. Board & Sizes used: Fanatic Quad 82 and Fanatic Skate TE 101. Sails used: North Sails Hero 3.7, 4.2, 4.7 and Idol LTD. 4.8, 5.2. Fins used: K4 8cm Ezzy asys at front and K4 14cm Stubbies rear,...

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